Jaguar’s Nation

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A co-production between Ventre Studio, WCP and Globoplay, in partnership with the NGO Onçafari.This documentary tells the story of 3 jaguars from the Pantanal through the point of view of the youngest, Leventina. In a territory threatened by the hand of man in the face of progress and climate change, there lives a true dynasty of majestic animals. Through the work of Onçafari biologists, the film reports a possible and harmonious relationship between jaguar and man. In an unprecedented and exciting language, JAGUAR NATION innovates by telling the true journey of the jaguars Fera, Ferinha and Leventina through a first-person perspective, in the voice of none other than Alanis Guillen, the famous actress who played Juma, in the mostrecent soap opera ‘Pantanal’.

The film is brilliantly directed by Fabio Nascimento, Mário Haberfeld and Joe Stevens –
nominated for an Emmy for his exceptional work in the documentary “Earth at Night” with
actor Tom Hiddleston.




11 de May de 2022

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