Ventre Research Group constantly makes behaviour and tendency case studies in order to feed our creative team with data so they may create with excellency.

As a creative studio we have 2 ways of approaching content that differentiate us from a regular production company: our own Investment Fund and
our Research Group.

Ventre Development Fund is a rare mechanism in our market and provides an unique opportunity for investors to finance a range of projects with guaranteed returns. Through this fund we can approach talent and fund their initiatives, we can option book rights and IP’s and start developing projects independently.

We’re an independent studio focused on creating the finest narratives. Our company is equipped to develop, fund, produce and distribute premium content to different countries.

We give birth to relevant projects in various formats: original series, feature films, documentaries, digital content, books, podcasts, branded content, talk and reality shows, and games.

VENTRE works in creative and flexible cells. Co-working, adaptation skills, and a dose of rebellion—that’s how we roll… For each phase of any project we bring the best talent to it, borrowing their rich backgrounds and diversity. We also co-create alongside streamers, TV channels, radios, digital platforms, brands, ad agencies and publishing companies.

We believe we can contribute to the human culture with quality, ethics, and genuine feelings. By doing so, we’ll write an exciting and beautiful story for VENTRE. And for you too.

Our mater cell unites:

7 professionals

with complementary expertise

50 feature films

awarded in Brazil, our homeland, and abroad

12 successful

documentary series

5 original fiction series

produced by the best talents

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