Contagem Regressiva

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‘Contagem Regressiva’ is the story of the task force created to capture Lázaro Barbosa told by the nine police officers responsible for capturing the criminal in the biggest hunt for a fugitive from justice in Brazil. The author and team commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Edson Melo, brings personal testimonies from the agents involved in the final confrontation, the challenges they faced and the police perspective when they are immersed in the mission of defending citizens and capturing a criminal. The searches took place in a forested area with rugged terrain and difficult access. The work brings exclusive images of the task force and the interpretation of Lázaro Barbosa’s behavior never shown before. This book is, above all, a recognition of all the work carried out by the security forces of Goiás, the Federal District and, especially, by the police officers linked to the Military Security Superintendence of the Secretariat of the Military House of Goiás.



10 de May de 2022

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